vCO Training

Day 1 - vCO training

This week, I am part of an online class entitled, VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Develop Workflows [V5.1]

It is a 3 day course that I am taking online. VMware offers the course via online, in person or coming up in May, vFlex-ILT (which you can check out here). I am doing the online course, so I will only talk about it.

For this online course, the reading materials are being supplied via VitalSource’s Bookshelf. Click here to check them out. This is the first time I have used Bookshelf and overall, I like it. For the course, there was a course package that consisted of the lecture notes and the lab guide. I had downloaded and installed Bookshelf and then entered in my key to get the course package. It was very simple and easy to do.

Now onto the class. If you have ever been to a training course by most vendors, you will know that you start out with lecture and then move on to labs. Such was the same with the class today. For our training, we used a Webex to connect to the slides and audio. The nice thing I liked about the webex was that I could switch back and forth between a phone and built in speakers/microphone. In fact, this came in very handy as my wireless connection at times was flaky as my router is on one side of the house and my office is on the other. I haven’t run a CAT5/6 cable yet but if I continue to do training, I very well might.

Anyway, today the course covered an introduction to the vCenter Orchestrator, some of the basics of installation (including the different types of installation), and an introduction to workflows.

The 3 labs we did included an introduction into vCenter Orchestrator in which we configured the vCenter Orchestrator service, another lab on importing some packages and publishing the weboperator Webview, and finally the infamous Hello World lab.

Thus completed day 1 of the vCenter Orchestrator course. I can say, that the instructor did a great job of just not talking but encouraging interaction during the lecture by opening it up for questions. This broke up the monotony of the lecture. Overall, I would say it was a good day as even though there was a lot of lecture, the day flew by and before I knew it, the day was over.

I look forward to tomorrow to start getting into more in-depth learning of vCO. Stay tuned, I will be back tomorrow to talk about it.

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