Opportunity knocks

Never Pass Up An Opportunity

Sometimes the timing is unexpected. But opportunities don't wait. Take hold of the opportunity when it comes.

Sometimes opportunities come unexpected. Such was the case recently.

I congratulated a former coworker who had taken a new job. He responded back to me with a thanks and a “Hey we have this role I think you might be interested in.” So I asked him what the role was and for more information about it. He said that the company he is working at changed ownership late last year and they were splitting off of another company. There was no IT department and he was IT employee #3. He went on to explain that they were building everything from scratch. I told him I was interested and he arranged for a phone interview with the CISO later in the week.

Now this was two weeks ago. So in the phone interview, I talked about my history and how I have worked on automation and agile methodology (using both Kanban and Scrum boards, etc.) The CISO felt good enough that they decided to bring me in for a face-to-face interview. So last week, I met up with my former coworker and the CISO again and spent another couple of hours in a more in-depth interview. Coming out of the interview, I was a little unsure if I would be getting an offer as I had some deficiencies in some of my skillset. For example, I am not a strong networking guy. However, I do know how to “network” to figure things out when I am unsure or have questions that can’t be found.

So later in the week last week, I was extended an offer. The offer was above what I had said I would need and surprised me. I accepted it and put my two-week notice in at Enterprise Holdings. My last day at EHI will be August 10. I start at the new job on August 20 and will be moving full speed ahead. I am holding off on sharing where I am going until I start, so stay tuned for more information on the move.

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