Shift in the Seat

Jumping Bowls

Shift in the Seat

Sometimes the timing is just right and you have to go with your gut. Such was the case recently. So I took the jump.

Ever since I started at Enterprise (EHI), I have been asked the question about going into management. I have several years experience in management and my various managers knew that.

The biggest thing that held me back was that management at EHI was primarily considered a non-technical position. I enjoy the technical side of things as much as the non-technical and losing that piece I was not ready to do.

Step forward to a month or so ago. My manager at the time decided he wanted to go back to where his passion was, development. He had done a great job but wanted to work in his passion. This left a void on our team for a manager. When the job was posted, I took a look at it and it was technical and non-technical, just what I was looking for. Plus, the job description looked like my resume.

After going through the application and interview process, I was offered the job Friday and accepted. Today, I moved into the role. At first, I will be doing double-duty, both engineer and management work until we fill a couple of positions on the team. So if you are into automation and have experience with VMware, Windows, Linux and Service-Now. Check out this position.

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