Update on life

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Update on life

An update on life and the changes it brings...

I am going to start back in July of 2013 to start this update. At that time we were living in a house we thought we were going to be able to purchase. Unfortunately, after negotiating and playing the waiting game. We were told that Fannie Mae would not accept our bid. The house had been listed the previous June as a short-sale house. We then waited and worked out an arrangement with the owner to move into it and rent it from him until the sale finished. We really liked the house and enjoyed living in it for almost a year but in the end, the short sale did not happen and we were stuck looking for a new house.

At the time of looking, there wasn’t a lot of houses listed for sale in the same area. We wanted to keep our kids in the same schools and so our area was small. But we were able to find a house and we were able to purchase it in September of 2013. It needs some work (what house doesn’t) but we are really enjoying it.

Then, as some of you know in January this year I changed jobs. I knew I was going to be having a change, I just didn’t know what type. At the place I was working, Lumeris, they did a reorganization and a director position opened up. I applied to it but they selected someone else. So when a recruiter hit me up with a Sr. Systems Engineer position with the Cloud Solutions Management team at Enterprise Holdings Inc. (parent company of the rental car companies, Enterprise, National and Alamo), I was intrigued. One of the draws was the fact that the job location would be close by. Some of the other things that drew me to the job were the reasonable healthcare rates, working for a bigger company, and working in a position that would be focusing on virtualization.

So after 3 interviews, Enterprise hired me and I started in mid-January.  I enjoyed my time at Lumeris but was looking for a new challenge. The new challenge has started and I am on a great team. Basically, I am a design systems engineer at Enterprise. My team handles the Internal Private Cloud (IPC). It is a very new department at Enterprise and the members of the team are great to work with.

In the coming posts, I am going to be publishing some howto’s on some of the products that Enterprise uses. Enterprise’s IPC uses VCE’s vBlock, so most of the posts will be centralized around it. Anyway, that is my update on my life for 2014.

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