New job, new location


New job, new location

Moving from Central Missouri to the city, St. Louis...

So I haven’t updated my blog in a while and wanted to update everyone. Most of those that have been on here, know we have been in the Fort Leonard Wood, MO area for a while now. In October 2011, I stepped down from my position as Site Lead for L3-MPRI at Fort Leonard Wood. In stepping down, I took a new position in the St. Louis area with a company called ClearPractice.

With the move, I have a new set of responsibilities. When I started in October, I was hired in as a Sr. Systems Administrator for ClearPractice. ClearPractice is a subsidiary of Essence Group Holding Company. In January 2012, there was a reorganization of the company with a new name coming out of it, Lumeris. With the reorganization, there were changes in the IT department. There was a split in responsibilities, one being corporate and the other being customer facing. I was promoted to the Team Lead for the Virtualization/Application/Servers section of the customer facing programs or as we call it SaaS (Software as a service) section. So I went from managing a group of 20 in September to now managing a group of 5 in February.

This new move has been great as we have done a lot in a short amount of time. Since January, we have done a data center move and plan on doing another data center move within the next month and half.

So the move has been good and things are going well. I did move the family over Thanksgiving break and the kids have been adjusting to their new schools and new location. Hopefully, we will find a house to buy and move forward in settling down in the St. Louis area.

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