UIM Upgrade

Updating Unified Infrastructure Manager – Provisioning

Here are the steps I put together to update the UIM/P.

As part of the VCE vBlock, the Unified Infrastructure Manager -Provisioning (UIM/P) is used to provision out the hardware and can help in the automation of this type of provisioning. The UIM/P is a virtual appliance that can be deployed into a vCenter environment.


  1. Take a snapshot of the UIM/P appliance, using vSphere Client.

A snapshot of the UIM/P appliance is important in order to prevent loss of data and allow proper rollback if an error occurs during the upgrade.

  1. Use vSphere Client to mount the UIMP- file to the UIM/P appliance. In this instance, the file is located on the D: drive under ISO’s/UIM.UIMP ISO

  2. In a supported browser, type the following URL into the address bar: https://IPofUIMPappliance:5480. UIM/P

  3. Log in as the root userUIM/P Login page

  4. Click the Update tab.

  5. Click the Check Updates button, to find updates on the mounted update media.UIM/P Check Updates

  6. Click the Install Updates button. Installation can take up to 30 minutes to complete. You do not need to reboot the appliance or restart any services.Install Updates

If an update failure occurs, a message is recorded in the /opt/ionix-uim/logs/appliance-update.log file.

A reboot may be required after updating the UIM/P appliance. To reboot, click the System tab at the top of the UIM/P appliance management webpage, then click Actions, and then Reboot. The reboot may take 10 minutes to complete.

  1. Log out of the console by selecting Logout user root.

To ensure your browser reloads any updated flexui files, restart the browser before accessing the UIM/P console.


  1. In a supported browser, type the following URL into the address bar: https://.

  2. Log into the UIM/P console.

  3. Click the Help option on the UIM/P menu bar.

  4. Select the About option to open the About Unified Infrastructure Manager/Provisioning window.

  5. Verify the version of this release is

  6. Once verified, remove the snapshot that was initially created.

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