Nested Challenges

Building up the homelab using nested ESXi hosts can be a challenge...

So thanks to William Lam, I thought I would try to build out my homelab with the nested ESXi appliance. Things seemed to go smoothly as I was able to download the ova file and then import it into my vCenter. Then I turned it on…

Everything seemed good to go, the packages were loading and it was a breeze until this occurred Purple Screen

Needless to say, I spent some time querying my favorite search engine Google for the answers. After a little bit of data mining, I finally found this Arima NM46X installing ESXi ‘Unsupported microcode level 0x01000039’ on serverfault.com. Essentially it said to add the skipMicrocodeCompatCheck attribute after pressing Shift+O on ESXi boot. This is what the line looks like before adding the attribute Shift+O

And this is what the line should be skipMicrocodeCompatCheck

To keep the setting so you don’t have to press Shift+O every time the esxi host reboots, SSH into the box after it boots up and then run this command: esxcfg-advcfg -k TRUE skipmicrocodecompatcheck

So after completing this, I have 3 new nested hosts up and running in my home lab to play around with.

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