UPS Replacement Time

So my UPS essentially died tonight. I knew it was coming but was hoping to get a little more out of it.

Here is what the UPS looked like a couple of weeks ago:

APC UPS Support

Everything looked fine and the load wasn’t too bad at that time. I happened to check it a couple of days ago and the load had jumped to 95%. Tonight, my daughter opened the door to the basement and where my home lab is and there was this high pitching noise. Turns out, it was the UPS. So I checked out the status on my router and it was showing an error that stated ONLINE BATTERY REPLACEMENT. What else could I do but find a new UPS or battery to replace it. Thankfully my wife was already out an about so I checked the prices of both a new battery and a new UPS. I found one that was close to what my model was at Best Buy and sent her over there to pick it up. She arrived home and I was able to replace the bad one. Here is what the new one looks like:

APC UPS Support

So home lab is back up.

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