It worked!

So last night, I finished getting the blog ready to migrate to github from my Wordpress host. Here it is!

I am ecstatic that I was able to get everything to work. Before I went to bed last night, I ran the command rake deploy not knowing if it would work or not as I had the CNAME done, I had changed my A record on my DNS server and crossed my fingers. So I went to bed and then went to work and checked it during a break and voila, the website had changed! It was a relief and yet I know I have more things to work on.

Tonight I added the Follow Me over on the sidebar and rearranged the sidebar as well. I still have to fix the pictures to use fancybox or something similar and who knows what else I will run into but I am enjoying this and enjoying blogging again.

I look forward to adding more content in the months to come and two-weeks from today, I go back to what I want to do, build the cloud and leave building on the cloud.

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